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Name: Sue Thompson   Date: 04/21/2017 10:12 AM  
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States   
I just had the privilege of sending this message off to all of the wonderful volunteers who have been working hard to make afghans, blankets, and quilts for me... Hi ladies, Well...Sr. Jose's Women's Center has been moved to their new "home" and yesterday I was finally able to deliver all of the wonderful quilts I had been saving for them...all 22 of them!!!! They had a big photo-op with Tucson dignitaries yesterday...including the Mayor who supports so many social causes here...and they are having an open house and tour of their new place on Sunday... that I hope to attend. They have about 35 new beds available for the homeless women (including veterans) of Tucson and they are hoping to be able to put a new quilt on each bed...so they were VERY, VERY, VERY happy to receive the 22 that I had for them. If they allow me to take photos on Sunday, I'll try to get some that I can send along to you. All I can say is that...YOU LADIES HAVE DONE GOOD! Of course, this means that I now have some space in my closets for new afghans and quilts...and I'm sure you'll be helping me save up some more...for more needy folk. What a blessing it is to have you all for my super-duper friends! Sue  

Name: Sue Thompson   Date: 10/26/2016 14:37 PM  
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States   
OOPS...somehow (I blame it on my age) I failed to mention in my last note (10/22) that I also delivered about 100 Christmas stockings to the folk caring for the Tucson veterans ...all graciously and beautifully hand made by Mollie Stehno. The Christmas stockings were so very happily received...that the Tucson Mayor wants to personally thank Mollie...an honor she very much deserves for all of her efforts and her generous, caring nature. I'm so delighted to be able to pass this news along.  

Name: Sue Thompson   Date: 10/22/2016 08:17 AM  
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States   
And...........on Friday (yesterday), I managed to deliver 20 afghans to my contact from the Tucson Mayor's office...the guy providing housing for Tucson's homeless veterans. Two of the afghans were child-sized... His cupboard was bare...so the blankets and afghans were very much needed...especially now that nights are cooler here...in the low 60s. Now...I'm all ready to start collecting more and more for the vets...especially since the nights will be getting even cooler. Smiles, Sue  

Name: Sue Thompson   Date: 10/18/2016 08:25 AM  
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States   
Hi Folk, I was able to deliver 8 hand made fleece blankets to Sister Jose's Women's Center yesterday...just in time for their "winter overnight program" to start. They can only fit about 11 cots in their current housing...but will be providing about 35 overnight beds when they move to their new site...hopefully in January 2017!  

Name: Sue Thompson   Date: 06/07/2016 18:48 PM  
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States   
Hi Folk, It has taken exactly 1 year and 1 week to reach my latest goal...100 afghans, blankets, and quilts for Tucson's homeless veterans!!! I've now made, collected, and delivered many of them...and am now making arrangements to deliver the remainder that I have on hand. It never ceases to amaze me regarding all of the wonderful volunteers who have been working so hard this past year. It just goes to prove, when you look for the good in people, you can so easily find it. I thank you all....again and again and again. Sue  

Name: Sue Thompson   Date: 05/28/2016 08:25 AM  
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States   
Wish List For Sr. Jose Women's Center; (520) 909-3905; Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1028, Tucson, AZ 85702; Street Address: 18 W. 18th Street, Tucson, AZ 85701 --------------------------------------------- Cotton panties - small & extra-large; new Socks; new Shoes - especially athletic shoes or walking shoes - new or gently used; Bus Passes for SunTran - absolutely critical for our clients; Backpacks - new or gently used; Yoga mats (for sleeping outside) - new or gently used; Deoderant; Hair Brushes & wide-tooth combs; new Hair products for women of color; Shopping carts that fold; Tampons & Pads; Small tissue packets; Cough drops & cold medicine; Neosporin, Band-Aids, basic first aid supplies; Disinfectant Wipes; Hand Sanitizer - large & individual size; Insect repellent; Breakfast food: oatmeal packets, cold cereal, granola bars, coffee, sugar, non-dairy creamer; Beverages: Powdered Ice Tea, lemonade, Tang, hot chocolate packets; Cup of Noodles, cans of tuna/chicken salad, canned fruit, & other nonperishables; Toilet Paper & paper towels; Sunglasses & sunscreen  

Name: Sue W Thompson   Date: 05/20/2016 18:32 PM  
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States   
Hello Ladies, Today has been another wonderful day in sunny Tucson. Jean Rodkey, one of my local afghan-making volunteers, joined me as we went into town and delivered ten of your beautiful afghans/quilts/and fleece blankets to the women at Sr. Jose's Women's Shelter. It's getting kind of warm here for blankets...but they can put them all to good use by the end of our hot summer. The shelter is bursting at the seams...and needs much more space...so they are currently working on moving to a new location in town...one that can offer them more space so that they can offer more services. The women in charge at Sr. Jose's Shelter felt that our "blankets" were way too nice to just hand out to the women...so I think they are planning on saving them for use at their new location. Right now, they have a few cots where the women can nap, but they do not have facilities for the women to actually live there...so the women currently spend their nights outside...somewhere under the stars. They are provided with breakfast and lunch...clothing as it is needed...and a place for showers and shampoos. Today, a volunteer hairdresser was expected...so several of the women were looking forward to getting new haircuts. For those of you who might want to do "more"...the shelter is always in need of hygiene items...soaps, shampoos, deodorants, sun screen, toothpaste, hair combs and brushes, etc. Also, since they try to give the women a new bra and panties once a week...those items are also always needed...especially in larger sizes. Jean Rodkey, my partner for today's activities, topped the day off by donating a brand new crocheted afghan...which has now become number one...for the next pile of ten that we hope to deliver! Hugs and Stitches, Sue  

Name: joan liuzzi   Date: 04/18/2016 16:29 PM  
Location: Amelia Island, Florida, United States   
ps: getting to work on more quilts and throws!  

Name: joan liuzzi   Date: 04/18/2016 16:28 PM  
Location: Amelia Island, FL, United States   
Well, Sue, looks like you may have left those of us on the east coast, but you continue to do your wonderful work wherever you go! I am so pleased to have met you those few years ago(has it been 10???)...you inspire me with all that you do, and Tucson is certainly Maryland's loss....lots of love in your new home! joan  

Name: Sue W Thompson   Date: 03/15/2016 18:01 PM  
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States   
Hi ladies, It's been a gorgeous day here in Tucson...made even more spectacular due to my delivery of your 25 most recent afghans and quilts! Apparently, (I was told by Glenn, my contact guy) there is a brand new housing complex being opened up for the vets...with about 70 brand new small apartments. Not only did I deliver our 25 latest creations...but I was also able to deliver a Mr. Coffee coffee maker donated to me by my hairdresser...and a standing floor fan that my daughter no longer needed or used. I asked that the fan be given to a vet's family that has children or babies in the home...as I'm not sure these vets receive air conditioning when they are granted their new housing...and Tucson can get awfully hot by June. Soooooooooooooooo...I'm now ready to start making and collecting (hint, hint) the next 20 afghans and quilts. Of the 69 we've made so far, one has gone to the young Mexican boy who had recently been through the experience of being kidnapped, and I've saved two out for delivery in September to the Sister Jose Women's Shelter (also in Tucson)...where homeless women, including homeless female vets, receive care. Hugs and stitches, Sue