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Crochet, knit, and sewn afghans and quilts to welcome homeless veterans to their new homes...

Blended Stripes Crochet Blanket

Crochet Blended Stripes Blankets
(Blankets crocheted by Sue W. Thompson, Tucson, AZ)

    Size I crochet hook. Thicker yarn can be used (or two strands of worsted weight yarn) with a larger crochet hook

    Yarn - Worsted weight - three main colors (Homespun Yarn works well with this pattern. Any number of colors of yarn can be used if the colors are to be blended...as shown in the larger photo above. In that particular afghan, I was using up yarns from my stash and did not care if I had a variety of yarns in the blanket. When I ran out of one color, I merely continued with another. When I ran out of a second color, I continued with yet another. The colors blended gradually as there were several rows crocheted before I switched to yet another color yarn.)

    Size afghan - about 40" wide x 60" long

    With main color #1, ch 110 stitches. **With main color #1, work 1 row in hdc (or dc if using smallish crochet hook and/or bulky yarn). Drop main color #1 and, using main color #2, work 1 row in hdc. Drop main color #2 and, using main color #3, work 1 row in hdc. Drop main color #3 and pick up main color #1**...repeat from ** to second** until about 60" of blanket are completed. Bind off (loosely) with the same yarn (main color #1). Be sure that both ends of your blanket are close to the same width. If you bound off too loosely, that end will be wider than the first row of the blanket. If the bound off edge is narrower than the initial row, then it has been bound off too tightly. Add your favorite fringe to both ends of the afghan...using strands of yarn made from those same yarns used in your afghan.