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Rag Quilt Instructions

Compiled & Written by Sue W. Thompson

There are many links to Rag Quilt instructions online...so I won't re-invent the wheel here.

Instead, I've listed some of the links below:

The rag quilts I made were done with 5" squares...sewn as 15 rows containing 9 squares in each row. I used approximate ¼" seams when sewing the squares together...and I sewed a ¼" seam around the outer edges of the quilt when I was done sewing the squares together. This made a quilt about 41" wide and 68" long.

For the flannel quilt, I sewed two squares together (wrong sides of fabric facing)...with no batting in between the two squares. For the cotton quilt, I added a square of flannel "batting" between the two pieces of cotton fabric. For both quilts, I made very small cuts about 1-2 inches apart along each seam. I used very small cuts because my seams were only ¼".

When I was finished sewing the rag quilts, I took them to a commercial laundromat for their first machine washing and drying. I had been told that they create a lot of lint during the first washing...and I wasn't eager to subject my (new) personal washing machine and dryer to that ordeal. Doing this was probably not very nice (of me)...subjecting a commercial laundromat to what I would not do at home...but...it is what it is. You might want to check local commercial laundromats online before using them. The one closest to where I live is used by a lot of local folk who ride their horses (It's where they washed their horse blankets.), so I chose to drive 20 miles further to a "clean" laundromat that was recommended to me. I did not use soap or a fabric softener.

Large Mesh Bag After washing and drying the rag quilts, I gently snipped off some of the longer threads from the fraying. I give these quilts as gifts along with a mesh bag and instructions that they should only be washed and dried in the mesh bag...thus protecting them from so much fraying that they might actually come undone after several washings and dryings. I was able to find inexpensive nylon mesh bags on EBay (36" X 24") for about $4.00 each... including the shipping fee charges.

Sewn Flannel Rag Quilt #1 (front)
Flannel Rag Quilt (front)
ewn Cotton Rag Quilt #1 (front)
Cotton Rag Quilt (front)

Flannel Rag Quilt (back)

Cotton Rag Quilt (back)